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A plus size, billionaire, interracial romance book.

Most people would jump at the chance to date a billionaire…

But Chalondra Davies couldn’t care less!

Yet that isn’t going to dissuade CEO billionaire David Murray from trying to win her over!

Romance has always been a fairy tale to Chalondra…

But amidst the glamour of high society, secrets are about to surface that could change everything…

As her heart begins to thaw, will she finally give in to David’s advances?

Or will danger reach them first?

Find out in this BBW, BWWM romance story by Imani King.

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Chapter 1

“At this moment, I appoint you as the first female manager of Carnero’s Hotel & Spa”… Those words from Mr. Jerry Kenyon and the applause that followed replayed in Chalondra Davies’ mind as she drove home jubilantly from work.

It was an incredible feat, especially for Chalondra, a Black American woman, and the mere thought of beating the odds made her giddy. She was always reminded that she had black genes in her DNA, and now she could showcase her golden-brown skin without fear of being racially abused.

“Wow! What a time to be alive!” she soliloquized as she stepped on the gas as she inched closer to her apartment; there was a bottle of chilled wine in her refrigerator that she would celebrate the promotion with.

As she turned the last bend leading to her house, the memories of what she had been through before she ascended to the position she had just been appointed to play in her mind. Chalondra fell deep in thought on how far she had reached the position she was in.

Her ordeals had begun a day after her high school prom. She had gone to her boyfriend’s house; they made out, almost having s*x. Bryan had been such a darling and understood when she told him that she wasn’t ready for s*x. They enjoyed a wonderful time, and she was soon on her way home.

Getting home was different from the usually lively dinner time her black family was used to, and it made her worried. Chalondra began to suspect that something was wrong when she saw uncle Ben, her distant uncle who she met only once, seated in their living room.

There was also Aunt Bernie and Amanda, who rarely visited.

Chalondra wondered what was wrong, and her world fell apart when she heard the news. Uncle Ben announced that her parents had died in a ghastly motor accident; an eighteen-wheeler truck had lost control, skidded, and rammed into her parents’ car, bursting into flames and killing them on the spot.

Chalondra felt like her world had just come crashing in on her. She felt empty and without hope in the world.

Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ben promised her heaven and Earth that day. They vowed never to leave her alone and act as her parents in the absence of her biological parents. They told her about the most beautiful things that her parents did for them while still alive.

“We owe your parents a lot. They were the nicest of people,” they had said.

As Chalondra eased her gleaming Chevy Tahoe into the parking lot, the memories of the hurried funeral organized for her parents’ remains and the failed promises of their relatives came rolling back. Alas, she had been left on her own and was forced to abandon the idea of proceeding to college; she worked several menial jobs in supermarkets until she could save up enough money to go back to college.

Her aunt and uncle left her high and dry. Chalondra placed several calls to them on numerous occasions asking them for financial help, but they did not return any of her calls or messages. When she showed up at their houses, they gave her excuses upon excuses. She remembered countless, sleepless, teary nights where she wished she died with her parents.

Well, the climb to the top has been worth it so far, Chalondra thought as she stepped inside her apartment and got out of her high-heeled shoes as she dropped her bag on the couch.

In no time, she stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower.


Thirty minutes had passed, and it was time to feast. Chalondra stepped into the kitchen. After twenty minutes, she set the plate of steaming spaghetti Bolognese on the table and twirled around happily as she danced towards her refrigerator to retrieve the chilled wine. She was almost done with her meal and was downing a cup of wine when a wave of loneliness came upon her; it would have been great if someone had been here to celebrate with her.

“Bas*ards!” she muttered under her breath, turning the loose strands of her black hair, fixed in dreadlocks, as Mike and Alfred’s images coursed through her mind.

She had met Mike at the first supermarket she worked at. They dated for a year, and when he asked her to marry him, she felt on top of the world and was happy that her ordeals were almost over. He promised to sponsor her college education. However, on the wedding day, Mike chickened out, sending a message to his best man that he couldn’t follow through with the wedding because he was in love with someone else. She had cried her eyes out that day, but she found herself opening her heart to love another scumbag nine months later. Alfred came into her life, and it seemed like he was the one. However, a day to their wedding ten months later, he also sent a text message that read,

Dear Chalondra,

In truth, I love you, and I can see how devoted you are to our relationship. However, I cannot cope with your size; I cannot put up with it nor follow through with this marriage. I’m sorry for wasting your time…

Three years had passed since these disastrous events took place.

A phone call snapped Chalondra out of her reminiscence, and she sighed as she checked the caller I.D. It was from Natasha, her best friend. “Hello, Natasha,” she said happily over the phone. Natasha could feel her friend’s happiness over the phone as she queried,

“You seem to be in a great mood; what the occasion?”

“Guess what?” Chalondra said. She knew Natasha hated guessing and only wanted her to anticipate more.

“You know I’m not a fan of all that; what’s the occasion?” Natasha asked. Chalondra was happy that she was getting the perfect reaction from her friend.

“I’m the new manager of Carnero’s Hotel & Spa!” she announced as she made a mock bow over the phone.

“Wow! That’s great news!” Natasha said as she jumped for joy at the other end of the call. She continued, saying, “Darling, you deserve all of it; it’s been a long time coming; now you’re here, and I’m happy for you!”

“You can say that again!” Chalondra said. She was smiling from ear to ear.

“How do we celebrate this milestone? When are we painting the town red?” Natasha queried. She was a fan of publicity and elaborate celebrations.

“Well, I’ve celebrated it in my little way here. I don’t think I want to do mo…” She wanted to continue as Natasha cut her short and protested, saying, “You barely go out anywhere, Chalondra! We’re going to celebrate this! Is Friday convenient?”

“Well, I guess…” She hesitated as Natasha cut her short again and exclaimed,

“Friday, it is! I’ll come over to your place, and we’ll select the dress you’ll wear together. Maybe you’ll meet Mr. Rig…” Natasha wanted to proceed; however, Chalondra cut her short this time. “Don’t go there!” Chalondra wasn’t interested in men any longer, and she made it a rule not to talk about them at all; she had experienced her fair share of shattering heartbreaks, and allowing another man into her life would make other black women call her a fool for not reading the signs.