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BWWM Love Scenes

Uncensored, super steamy love scenes for all BWWM, paranormal and Black romance books on this website! Experience the couples in their most intimate moments; no more getting cut off when it’s about to get to the good bit!

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Ad-free reading for all Romancely Premium members; no more interruptions during your favorite stories.

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Bonus 1: Hot new romance books every month, many from best-selling authors on Amazon (stories not available on Kindle Unlimited). Never run out of stories to read.

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Bonus 2: Personalized stories. We’ve taken 3 of our most popular series, Members From Money, Brothers From Money, and Alphas From Money, and created a part ‘0’ for each, which features YOU as the main lead! Add your details in 2 minutes, and you become the star!

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Bonus 3: Stories exclusive to Romancely Premium members! For example Reginald, part of the best selling Members From Money series. Or how about our other paranormal, Black and BWWM stories that aren’t on Kindle Unlimited or other subscription services.

BWWM Community Upcoming

And it keeps going! We believe Romancely Premium is already the best place to be for romance fans, but we’ve a lot more new and exciting things coming in the coming months!

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Uncensored access to Reginald (Members From Money ‘A’), and our catalog of hot BWWM, paranormal and fvromance books, many of which sell for $2.99+ each.
Value: $299+.

Bonus 1: Bingeworthy new romance books every week.
Value: $11.96 per month minimum.

Bonus 2: 3 personalized romance stories where YOU’RE the star!
Value: $29.97.

Bonus 3: Uncensored access to our catalog of hot Black and Paranormal romance books, many of which sell for $2.99+ each.
Value: $122.59+.

Get lost in the story with distraction-free, ad-free reading.
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Romancely Money Back Guarantee

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Card payments accepted


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