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Welcome to Romancely, the place for all your romance novel needs. We have multiple best sellers on our website and cover various romance genres. We specialize in BWWM, paranormal, and African American romances. But we also cover many other romance subgenres.

We didn’t just scrape the internet and get a bunch of short, low-quality books. All stories on this site are either produced by Romancely’s team of writers, our sister companies, or other well-known romance authors we collaborate with.

Why Steamy Scenes Aren’t Included

As mentioned, you can read the book from beginning to end. The only part we don’t give away for free on the site are the adult scenes. In order to give away these books for free instead of selling them, we make money from ads. And in order to run ads, we’re not allowed to show any adult scenes.

If you want access to them and other member-only exclusive features, you can sign up as a member and read the stories in full, with adult steamy scenes, ad free.

I hope you enjoy our selection, more will be added every week!

What Romance Readers Say

“I rated the characters as complex which is silly when you are talking about a short story like this, but girl, you quickly becoming my favorite! I LOVED this story – it was well written and engaging and it didn’t require me to suspend my grammar tendencies…

Ssmith, about our story ‘Forgotten Love’.

“Thank you thank you thank you! I love reading romance stories but I get through them faster than I can buy them. I was initially doubtful the quality of the stories would be as good as those I normally buy – two stories in I was proven wrong.”