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A quadruplets pregnancy, BWWM, billionaire romance story.

After a brief stint in South Africa, Isabella is set to start a family.

The love of her life is CEO husband Amory, and their passionate reunion quickly leads to an unexpected surprise.

She’s now pregnant with quadruplets!

As she grapples with the prospect of a large family, Isabella also finds herself entangled in the stress of celebrity life.

Life in the public eye brings its share of challenges, and their marriage begins to feel the strain of scrutiny and temptation.

As they face these trials, Isabella and Amory’s relationship is put to the test.

Amidst the turmoil, will Isabella find the support she needs as she prepares for the monumental task of raising quadruplets?

Or will the stress be too much for the couple, leaving Isabella to be a single mother?

Discover now in this interracial quads pregnancy romance novel by Kendra Brown.

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Chapter 1

“Why start here?”

“Why not?”

Isabella listened to the old couple across the aisle from her on the airplane. The old gentleman in his tweed flat cap complained in a southern drawl about visiting Los Angeles first. From what Isabella had gleaned over the last few minutes, their daughter was up in San Francisco, and he wanted to go there and work his way back down. However, his wife had already made arrangements for them to fly back to Georgia from the northern city in two weeks. The man grumbled in a way that made Isabella smile unconsciously. Even angry, the bulldog expression of the old man looked adorable in her eyes.

It also made Isabella wonder if she would ever have a life like that.

Finally able to disembark, she rolled her little carry-on duffle and toted her faded denim jacket over her shoulder as she headed toward the bathroom. Isabella and the few dozen other passengers had been trapped in that metal flying tube for over five hours, but her flight the day before had been seventeen hours from South Africa. Sick of tiny seats and sterile air, even the Los Angeles airport bathroom was a nice change.

Looking in the mirror as she splashed the cool water on her face, Isabella realized her year working in the sunshine had increased the melanin in her skin. Her skin was a few shades darker, reminding her of the hazelnut spread she liked to eat on toast. Her hair was in short dreadlocks like a bob around her face. The last time she had been in her home city, her hair was more of a short little afro that made a halo about her head. The safari-style jumpsuit Isabella wore looked rumpled in the stark artificial light, but she did not care. Her canvas slip-on shoes still had dust from Africa inside them, but the rust-colored dirt stains did not matter. She was back on the west coast where she belonged, feeling like a new person and looking a bit different, but what mattered was still the same.

Going to get her checked bag, Isabella found the bright grassy green suitcase easily in the pile of black luggage. The forty-nine-pound bag dragged along slowly behind her as the escalator to the main area came in sight. Stepping in an even pace, Isabella descended downward toward a familiar face. In a slim and neutral suit, the same driver she remembered smiled with her name on a piece of white paper held out in front of his chest.

“Hi, Jack.” Isabella waved.

“Hello, Miss Bella,” Jack replied with a grin. “How was your flight?”

“Oh, too long for my liking!”

They both chuckled as he took her bags and headed toward the car. The pair chatted politely about Jack’s family back in Hawaii, while Bella took did her best to remember his children’s names and the name of his wife’s flower shop in Los Feliz.

“I’ve been given specific instructions from Mr. Blake,” Jack noted as they arrived at the parked car Bella did not recognize.

“Is this new?” Bella pointed as she looked over the high-tech luxury SUV. It was unlike any Mercedes she had ever seen, but sure enough the logo sat perfectly center on the grill of the vehicle.

Jack nodded. “It’s the first of this kind apparently. Mr. Blake got it with you in mind. He told me it was an entirely electric car that is not on the market yet.”

“That’s typical Mr. Blake,” Isabella sighed. “Are we going to his office?”

“Oh no, he has the day planned for you. Actually, if you look inside, there is something for you on the back seat.”

A bit confused, Isabella opened the passenger door to see a dozen fragrant and colorful lilies inside this vehicle that looked like something out of a science-fiction novel. The floral scent filled the car as light poured in through the sunroof. In the cup holder, Isabella saw her favorite Vietnamese iced coffee with the fun boba bubbles and a cheese bagel from her favorite bakery in town. As she slid into the back seat and took the drink, she noticed there was notecard with Amory Blake’s signature letterhead and his own messy scrawl. His secretary’s penmanship was nowhere to be seen as she opened the thick crisp paper to read its contents.

Whispering it aloud to herself as Jack still messed with the suitcases in the trunk, Bella read, “My darling belladonna, happy birthday. I will see you at dinner tonight, but until then enjoy my day of gifts to you. I’m counting the minutes until I can see your radiant smile again. Love, Amory.”

Isabella clutched the cream-colored note and smiled to herself as Jack climbed into the driver’s seat and quietly brought the car to life.

“Did you see the note from your husband?”

Isabella nodded. “Yes, thank you.”

It was strange to hear him called “husband.” Even though they had been married for over a year now, their time apart left Isabella feeling like this was a new relationship, and the idea of marriage was no more than an abstract thought or distant dream in her mind. She looked down at the artistic little band he bought her Florence. The trip to Italy had been her last birthday present, but when she got word of her offer to start up an AIDS care center in South Africa over the course of a year that trip turned into an elopement.

A few weeks of friendship, about eight months of dating, and one year and two weeks of marriage totaled their whole relationship, but Isabella still felt like she was getting to know Amory. As Jack drove through the extensive airport parking lot and wove through the heavy traffic, Isabella settled into her seat and let her mind return to its hometown. It felt like a luxury to be in a car at all. Her main mode of transportation had been train or bicycle for the last several months. She could have felt excited about a worn-out economy car, but this automobile drove like a dream. It let her settle into the back and stare out the tinted window.