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A BWWM, surrogate pregnancy, plus size, billionaire romance novel.

Billionaire Andre Bekker has always wanted to be a father.

But when his high school crush, Sophie Holland, ends up as his surrogate, he is blown away!

It has been a long-kept secret that he has never stopped loving Sophie…

And it would be a dream come true for her to be the mother of his child…

If it wasn’t for the fact that he isn’t sure if Sophie is in love with him too!

Can Sophie’s heart find its way back to the man who never stopped loving her?

Or will Andre’s heart end up broken once the baby is born?

Find out in this BBW, interracial pregnancy romance book by Gabrielle Anderson.

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Chapter 1


“I just thought I would’ve been settled down by now, but for some reason, it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t know if it’s me or the woman I chose but I can’t seem to hold down a long-term relationship. Maybe it’s time I have taken things into my own hands,” Andre said to his brother Max.

They were sitting across from each other as they looked over the menu for lunch.

“You’ve still got time to settle down, you’re still so young,” he replied.

“I know that, but why can’t I have it all now? I have the job and the money but not the family. That’s all I want now. I want to share my life with someone,” Andre said.

“Take it from me, having a family isn’t that great,” Max replied.

Andre couldn’t understand Max’s attitude toward having a family, after all, Andre saw the family his brother had and longed for one of his own because of them. Although they didn’t have children of their own, Andre still wanted someone to go home to, even if that meant he would go home to a child and be the sole provider. He knew it wasn’t easy, but he also knew life itself is never easy. He was willing to put his all into getting what he wanted.

“But you and Monica are like, the perfect couple,” he said.

Max and Monica had met 4 years ago, getting married as they got to their third year as a couple. They seemed to have it all as they always seemed to be madly in love whenever they were out. Andre envied his brother, after all, he had been the same as Andre is when he had met the girl of his dreams and yet Andre felt as if he were nowhere near getting that lucky.

“Yes, on paper we are but behind closed doors, it’s not always what it looks like,” Max replied.

“What are you saying exactly? Are things not going so well?” Andre asked.

He loved his older brother and even though Andre was 26 and his brother was 30 they had a very good relationship. They had grown up as normal brothers do, fighting and teasing each other most of the time, but when either of them needed someone, they would be there for each other. Max had made Andre his best man at his wedding and that was something that was so important to Max considering he had a friend that was just as close to him as Andre was.

“Oh, we’re fine but we seem to be fighting a lot more lately and I don’t know why. We just can’t seem to see things eye to eye anymore,” he said.

“But you’re not going to give up, are you?” Andre asked. He couldn’t picture his brother separating from Monica, but he also knew that sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. He had learned at a very young age that having high expectations when it came to other people didn’t always work. He knew that people mess up and he didn’t want to put too much into other people just to be let down.

“No, no. Of course not, I love Monica, so she’s stuck with me,” Max replied.

“So, you see. That’s what I want but I also feel as though I’m ready for a child. I want to pass down the legacy to someone and if I don’t meet someone what if I end up alone?” he asked.

“You’re a good-looking guy, why do you think you’ll end up alone?” his brother asked.

“It’s not always about looks. What if I’m just not ‘husband’ material?” Andre replied.

“Man, you’re really serious about this aren’t you?”

“I’m dead serious. If I don’t meet someone soon and I mean soon, I’ll go about it on my own,” Andre replied.

Andre knew his brother probably thought he was being a little crazy about it all, but he didn’t care. He felt for the longest time that maybe he shouldn’t have waited any longer. He knew it could be hard raising a child as a single parent, but he had the money to be able to hire whoever he needed to help him.

Andre and Max had been raised by their mother Mary, who was also a single parent. Andre’s father had passed away when he was 14 years old. Although he was old enough to take care of himself in most aspects of his life, he knew his mother tried her hardest to give him everything he needed. Of course, it helped that he came from a wealthy family and inherited a lot of money from his father. He was legally a billionaire at the age of 18 when his inheritance was released to him. Obviously, his mother also had money left to her as well as his brother so none of them were ever in a position of money problems.

Andre always wanted to be a great man like his father. He wanted to leave something behind for those who mattered to him as his father had done but he knew that if he stayed childless, he would not be able to be as great as his father. Peter, his father, had been his greatest role model and Andre had been inspired by him since he was a child.

“You know mom won’t be happy about that,” Max said.

Of course, as every mother known to man, Andre’s mother wanted him to find a woman and get married before he started having children. He knew she would never understand the reasoning behind his decision when he told her, he knew she would disapprove off the bat.

“Yes, I know but I’m old enough to make decisions on my own,” he replied.

“Just promise me you’ll think about it a bit more before you do anything. Don’t rush into anything without giving yourself some time to think this through completely. Monica and I don’t even have children yet and even though we’ve discussed it a few times we both know it’s a big deal,” Max said.

“I know, I know. I’ll think about it more, happy?” he asked.

“Very. Now, let’s talk business,” Max said.

“That sounds like a plan. I took a look at last month’s turnover and I think we made a good call by doing that launch over December. Sales skyrocketed,” he said.

“As I said, the end of the year is always the right time to launch a new product,” Max said as he looked extremely chuffed with himself.

“My brother, the know-it-all and the cockiest person you’ll ever meet,” Andre said jokingly.

Max did a mock bow as he grinned with pride.

“Just eat your food,” Andre laughed.

Their business had bloomed since last year which meant that both of them were in good spirits. Andre had never pictured going into business with his brother when he was growing up but when he had the idea of making the world’s most advanced smartwatch his brother was keen to get involved. They had agreed to go into business together as equals in everything which sometimes wasn’t easy, but they had managed to make it work.