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A BWWM, marriage, contemporary romance story.

Part 2 in the Diana And Marty series, a series that reads backward timeline wise (part 1 furthest in the future, part 3 in the present).

Diana and Marty, an engaged couple on the cusp of matrimony, are eagerly planning their grand wedding, with their love growing stronger by the day.

Initially, they believe their biggest hurdle is securing their dream venue, along with a thwarted attempt to get a beach permit.

But these concerns soon pale in comparison to the emergence of a more dangerous threat: Diana’s ex, Ronaldo.

Consumed by jealousy and determined to disrupt their relationship, Ronaldo embarks on a relentless mission to ruin their joyous occasion.

Faced with his sinister schemes, Diana and Marty must strategize to protect their wedding day as well as their own safety.

Can Diana and Marty outsmart his malicious plans to safeguard their special day?

And will this crisis draw them closer together or test the limits of their love and commitment?

Discover now in this interracial wedding romance novel by Theresa McGhee.

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Chapter 1

Diana DeRay stepped outside, steaming coffee mug in hand, planning to spend the first thirty minutes or so of her Saturday morning on the back porch of the home she shared with her fiancé. The back porch swing with its large, comfortable cushions was her favorite place to sit when she was in need of quiet time. A mug of coffee or tea, depending on the time of day, a book or her journal and a pen, and she was in her happy place on the swing, using her foot to gently swing back and forth.

The morning was cool, partially because it was only 7:30. The sun had barely risen over the horizon, so dew still decorated the grass, trees, and vines that dotted the vineyard she called a backyard. A deer strolled through behind the vines tangled on their trellises, catching Diana’s eyes as she adjusted her body for comfort on the swing. The deer’s ears perked up, and its head shot into the air. Its little wiggling nose sniffed the air for danger, but satisfied nothing was stirring, the brown doe ducked her head again for the tasty treat of dew covered-grass.

A smile crossed Diana’s face, and she wished she’d thought to grab her camera before coming outside. The walls of their house were covered in framed photos Diana had taken after moving here, pictures just like the vision in front of her. Marty should be out here, she mused as she watched the doe step gingerly through the vines. But the man would sleep until at least ten unless she woke him up. Shaking her head, she chuckled quietly, alerting the deer to her presence. It stared at her briefly, turned, and galloped away.

Diana sighed and sipped her coffee, letting her mind drift. She had so much to do over the next six months. The wedding date was set, the venue deposit paid, and that was it. She had no dress, she hadn’t chosen her bridesmaids or their dresses, and the photographer she had wanted was already booked, meaning she’d have to find a different one. In a moment of bridezilla behavior, she had spoken to Marty about changing the date so they could get this particular photographer. Luckily, Marty had refused, reminding her that changing the date meant changing the venue. Always so reasonable, she thought as she wrinkled her nose.

She set her coffee down on the outdoor wooden table next to the swing and opened her journal. The pen, tucked inside, nearly fell to the ground, but she caught it reflexively, giggling again. On the first blank page, nearly three quarters of the way through, she made a list of everything she had left to do. Flowers and a caterer had to be added to the list as well, and after rereading it, she sighed. How the hell am I going to accomplish all this by myself

Marty, though the best man she’d ever known, was a typical man and completely useless when it came to wedding stuff. When she asked his opinion, he would shrug and say whatever, except when it came to the venue. He had chosen the venue because it held special meaning for him.

The Liberty Hotel downtown was older than both our ages combined, his twenty-five, my twenty-three. It was a five-story monstrosity on the outside. On the inside, however, it was old school glamour, visually stunning and perfect for the wedding they had planned. Its importance to Marty stemmed from the fact that his parents, both dead now, had married there and spent their first weekend as a married couple there. Diana, when she’d seen the exterior, had scoffed at the idea, but once inside, she had agreed quickly, enamored by the 1940’s sheen and shine.

She sighed as she surveyed her list. After picking up her mug, she sipped the hot liquid gingerly and stared out across the vineyard. The wine produced by the grapes grown on their vineyard was absolutely delicious, though they only had a dozen or so bottles made a year because the vineyard was so small. They had discussed growing it, but she and Marty neither one knew anything about working a vineyard. So until they chose another home, they would pay others to work on it, take care of it, and make wine for them.

When her mug was empty, she rose, setting her list aside, which had grown quite extensive while she sat in the swing. In the kitchen, decorated in the rustic country home style, as was the entire house, she popped a French vanilla cup into the Keurig, checked the water level, and set it to make a large cup. She tapped her fingers on the counter and glanced at the clock. Only a little after eight, so she had at least another hour before Marty woke. Perfect, she thought as she hurried to get her list. Marty had treated her to a lovely dinner the night before, so she would serve him breakfast in bed.

At the fridge, she pulled out eggs, sausage, and milk so she could mix pancake batter. Quickly, she added the sugar to her coffee so she could drink while she cooked. Humming to herself, she set to work on the delicious breakfast she would use to surprise the love of her life.


The tray she carried was laden with two plates, each with three silver dollar pancakes, two fried eggs, and two sausages. She’d had enough coffee but had made him a mug while she would drink milk. The hallway that led to their bedroom was short, and when she reached their door, she turned and pushed it open with her ass.

The room was dark because they kept the curtains closed at night, so she set the tray on the spotless dresser and tiptoed to the bed. Gently, she lifted the covers and snuggled in next to her fiancé, wiggling her arms around him. He mumbled and rolled over, wrapping her in his warmth, and she enjoyed the strength in his arms.

Marty’s blonde hair was sleep ruffled, standing in cowlicks all over his head. She wanted him to open his green eyes so she could look into them, but he murmured in his sleep again and settled into the deep breathing of sleep. Diana chuckled and kissed his nose, cheeks, mouth, and forehead in an attempt to wake him up. When he still didn’t respond, she nipped his bottom lip.

“If you don’t quit that, I’m going to kill you,” his growled almost unintelligibly. Diana giggled and reached for his package, squeezing it lightly. “Okay, I’ll give you ten minutes to quit that.”