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A billionaire, marriage of convenience, BWWM pregnancy romance novel. Part 1 in the best-selling series Members From Money [Season 1].

Carrie never expected that a temp job as a waitress at the swanky Elite Club would lead her into the arms of Patrick, a billionaire playboy with charm to spare.

When her car breaks down after a shift, Patrick comes to her aid, sparking an undeniable attraction that leads to a passionate night in his bed.

Thinking it was just a brief escape from reality, Carrie plans to leave it at that. At least, that’s the plan until she realizes she’s pregnant.

To preserve his family’s high societal standing, Patrick is now pressured by his parents to marry Carrie. But he also has his current girlfriend to worry about!

Carrie knows Patrick is attractive, but there’s no real love between them. Or so she thought… Amidst unfolding family drama, emotions are running high.

Can Carrie and Patrick pull together to provide a nurturing home for their child? Or will their tangled situation only create a legacy of confusion and strife?

Get answers in this billionaire pregnancy romance book by Katie Dowe.

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Chapter 1

It had been a gigantic mistake and Carrie knew it now! She had been working at the club now for a month and had gone about her daily duties of taking drinks and refreshments to men of high social status and had been polite but distant the way Marty the bartender had advised her to do. “Honey, these men only want to tumble you into bed for a few times and then go home to their rich wives or girlfriends and forget you ever existed,” he had told her grimly. She had learned the art of waitressing pretty well out of desperation after having an executive secretarial position for two months without success. Marty was her mother’s cousin, and her mother had suggested that she ask him for a position there until she picked something up. She had been reluctant at first, but with rent to pay and her savings dwindling rapidly, she had asked him and he had said yes. “Just don’t let me regret hiring a relative, honey,” he had told her. “Keep your head down and don’t look them in the eyes, and you will be fine.”

Carrie had not believed in not looking them in the eyes. As far as she was concerned, they were people too but with a lot more money than she had. Maybe that was the kind of forward thinking that had gotten her in trouble in the first place!

She had noticed him the first time she had seen him come into the club with his jet black hair and baby blue eyes. She had asked Marty who he was, and he had told her with a look of incredulity. “You don’t read the papers?” His weathered dark face had creased even more. “Patrick Copeland of Copeland Software and third generation club member. He is in the papers all the time seen with models and what not.” He had smiled at her as she brought him his special drink of whiskey mixed with Coke with a sprig of lemon. He was the only one who did not hit on her, and she respected him for it. He was tall and handsome with a cleft in his chin and he played tennis and golf as if he was a professional. She had found herself watching him from one corner of the room and noticed how his muscles were pronounced and how tan he was.

It had happened quite by chance only a week ago. It had been late and she had been on the night shift. He had come in with a group of friends, and they had had a few drinks but not enough to make them inebriated, and one of them had hit on her, touching her bre*st. He had come to her rescue and rebuked the laughing man. He had even apologized on his behalf. Later that night, as she was leaving, she had discovered that her car would not start and he had come by and asked if she needed help and she had nodded. The fan belt had been severed and he had offered to take her home.

“I am sorry about Brad’s behavior back there,” he had told her briefly as they made their way to the quiet little cul-de-sac she called home.

“It’s not your fault,” she had told him with a shrug. “Thanks for standing up for me.” He had looked at her briefly and then nodded before putting his eyes back on the road.

They had gone the rest of the way in silence, and not before long, she was pointing him to the little gate. “Thank you,” she told him sliding out of the BMW convertible.

To her surprise, he came out of the car and walked her to the door. “My mother always tells me to walk a lady to her door,” he said with a brief smile.

She started inserting her keys into the lock and they fell to the ground. Both of them bent to reach for it and their heads collided.

“I am sorry!” They both came out with it at the same time. He took the keys from her and opened the door for her.

“Are you okay?” he asked her, softly reaching out a hand to touch her forehead.

“Yes.” For a minute, she felt a rush of air from her lungs at his touch.

“You are quite a beautiful woman,” he murmured, his fingers trailing down her cheek. Before she knew it, she had ended up in his arms and they were kissing! It had happened so fast that she had barely time to catch her breath, but he was kicking the door shut and they were tearing at each other’s clothes. It had been a point of madness that had happened between two unlikely strangers, a flash of attraction that had sizzled and turned them into animals for the better part of an hour. Their coupling had been frantic and loud and unlike any they had ever experienced before. She had dug her nails into his magnificent muscled flesh, and without words passing between them they had been taken on a ride that had them crying out from the intensity of it! He had left her in the early hours of the morning and she had slipped into an exhausted sleep. She had feared going to work the next afternoon and had been glad that he had not showed up. She had seen him in the papers with the assistant district attorney in tow and had stared at the man who had given her so much pleasure two weeks ago. He had come back to the club and had given her polite nods as if they were strangers and the hurt had been stifling!

Now, a few weeks later, she was discovering that there had been consequences to her night of hot unbridled s*x! She was pregnant by one of the richest men in the country and she had no idea what to do about it!


Patrick ran his long fingers through his hair and felt the weariness setting in. He had gone out with Brad and Shawn last night to that totally boring and tasteless party in the hills and was now regretting it. He groaned as he remembered the cheap liquor and the girls vying for their attention. Three rich and handsome men who were unattached so to speak were very handy targets. But he was not unattached, he reminded himself. Sophia was just waiting for him to pop the question and he was thinking about it. His parents had warned him that they expected him to settle down before the end of the year. He hated the restrictions his last name had on him and wished sometimes he could get away from it. That was why he flouted tradition every now and then like that night several weeks ago when he had had s*x with that waitress at the club.

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With a sigh, he shook her from his mind and got up and went to the bathroom. It was Saturday which meant that he was due to go to a tennis match with Sophia. She had been so patient, and in spite of him being seen with other women, she still waited on him. He supposed that her patience would be rewarded.